· Licensed and active as a Real Estate Representative uninterrupted since October 17, 1968

· Registered Real Estate Broker since 1975

· Owned and operated Riverso Real Estate Ltd. in the City of Hamilton, Ontario uninterrupted from July 14, 1980 to June 30, 1995

· Member of the Realtors Association of Hamilton-Burlington

· Member of the Ontario Real Estate Association

· Member of the Canadian Real Estate Association

· Past Director of the Metropolitan Hamilton Real Estate Board

· Past Chairman of the Charitable Committee

· Past Member of the M.L.S. Committee

· Past member of Better Homes and Gardens Real Estate Service (Canada)

· Past Vice President/Broker of Re/Max Del Realty Inc.

· Member of Re/Max Executive Club

· Member of Re/Max 100% Club 

· Member of the Re/Max Hall of Fame 

· Member of the I.C. & I. Division

· Executive Member of the Market I.C.I Market World Network

· Member of the Regional Commercial Council

· Past-Director of the Regional Commercial Council